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Facebook harvesting data from any and all sources
According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, 11 out of the most popular 70 applications from the App store and Google Play store are sending sensitive personal information to facebook, even when users aren't logged in. This may seem to be nothing new, but the situation is far more dire than it ostensibly seems. Take for example the app Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor (the most popular heart rate monitor on ios. Immediately after detecting someone's heartrate, it sends it off to facebook. The sad thing is they're not alone: other applications gather data such as body weight, blood pressure, menstrual cycles or pregnancy status, diet plans, house or apartments you've been looking at, etc. This is a privacy disaster and has grave implications. The most important step that people can take is to restrict what data they give applications on their phone, to uninstall the facebook app, and to use free and open source applications which respect user data (F-droid is excellent for android users).
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Hopefully Purism succeeds in their Librem 5. Unfortunately, people don't seem to care.
(02-27-2019, 11:45 AM)Todd Wrote: Hopefully Purism succeeds in their Librem 5. Unfortunately, people don't seem to care.

Only time will tell I guess. Its totally worth getting. Phones are becoming so pricey that a $600 phone really isn't bad for the specifications. The other consideration is just how flexible it is and that it will have a significantly longer lifespan, due to the fact that you can run pretty much any linux distribution (and likely other OSs too) and get security updates until the phone becomes useless. I might get it when my contract ends, but I'm not entirely sure yet. I'd like to see some reviews of it first and make a judgement from there
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