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Critical bug haunts Mac OS kernel
Google's infamous Project Zero disclosed a severe bug on Mac OS's XNU kernel earlier this morning. It allows the filesystem to be manipulate without alerting the operating system. This is the next bug in a littany of flaws that have been surfacing regarding the XNU kernel in the past 6 months or so. More disturbing is the lack of stringent auditing like in OpenBSD. The linux kernel has far more auditing done on it I would imagine and even it has had quite a number of security vulnerabilities in the last few years
I remember when they had the exploit where a user can easily gain root access by just typing into root into the username field. Unfortunately, these bugs don't really make it out to the general public or just don't know to care.

But yes, there is definitely an argument to be made for open source. Unlike proprietary and closed source, in open source the whole world has the opportunity to audit the code.

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