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The long awaited Linux kernel 4.21 was released as 5.0 yesterday with some interesting features. These include, but aren't limited to:

     1) Highly anticipated support for FreeSync for AMD GPUs
     2) Support for new GPU features from NVIDIA and AMD
     3) Initial support for VegaM and Turing from AMD and NVIDIA respectively
     4) Initial support for Intel Icelake CPU integrated graphics
     5) Adiantum and Streebog cryptographic algorithms were added

     6) Fscrypt adiantum support (Google's new encryption stuff)
     7) Performance improvements to retpoline (used for spectrev2 mitigation)
     8) Scalable I/O virtualization through adding support to Intel VT-d scalable mode
     9) Various drivers were added, such as the Raspberry Pi touchscreen driver

Post below if any of you have used it yet

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